Time to try again

True to form with most exercise regiments, I started out well and was to sore to do anything for a week.  I didn’t properly stretch before or after the routine and payed the ultimate price.  I limped around the house for around 1 week because I had pulled my hamstring.  So, while I started with good intention, I ultimately didn’t accomplish much.

For this reason, I started over this weekend.  On Friday, I went for a 17 mile bike ride with my good friend John.  We did a nice slow pace of 14 mph, but I felt it at the end of the ride.  I took Saturday off to recover, and then I started Less Mills Pump over on Sunday.  This time, I took my own advise and did a proper warm up and cool down.  Luckily, this was the key.  I was able to walk the next day.  I successfully finished the first video “pump challenge” and found it enjoyable as well as educational.  I was never really a weight lifter in the past, and I found this video a great introduction into weight training.  It is only 25 minutes long, but hits the basics and I found it helpful.

If one follows the Less Mills Pump schedule, today was a rest day.  However, since I felt pretty good, I decided to do another video.  Today I decided to do “Pump and Burn.”  This was a rude awakening to a legitimate exercise routine.  It was a 30 minute video that definitely stressed reps over weight.  I started out with light weights, but really felt the “burn” by the end.  It was less instructional, and more get it done.  They hit the major muscle groups (legs, back, chest) as well as an abdominal routine.  It also has a built in cool down, unlike the first video.  Hopefully, this will allow me to still walk tomorrow.  So far, I am enjoying this journey.  I  have about 20-30 lbs I would like to drop, and Beachbody would appear to be a viable option in dropping this weight.  Tomorrow, I am going to try “flow” routine and see how that goes.  Until then, cheers.